Sunday, January 27, 2008

Open Letter For Pilgrum - Current TT Leader in the Boston area community

Lydia Mattattall (Renamed Hephzibah Salem Spriggs by Marsha and Gene Spriggs after Marsha was unable to have children)

Pilgrum - in our last conversation on FactNet, you stated, "Many people have received help for trying to apply spiritual principles without love because of the fear of doing wrong and unfortunately they end up doing wrong anyway. One cannot apply spiritual principles without love." and then you said, "When I talk about people that have made mistakes over the years I don't distinguish between "shepherds & sheep" as you impose upon me in your response. your responses to all that I have said shows quite well that even if all the "leadership" repented for their errors you would not be satisfied in the least."

My response was, "You say, "Even if, the leadership would repent......" Again and Again and Again, I say, "THAT IS THE POINT" the leadership, Yoneq, has never and will never repent. You have to ask yourself why that is?"

The Twelve Tribes leadership Yoneq and his top men, Eddie Wiseman being one of them always blame the sheep, whether they are heads of households, elders or regular members with no special position, when mistakes are made. Yoneq (Elbert Eugene Spriggs) is the person who wrote the teaching "Execution of Justice" which I plan to publish in the next week. He was the one who lead by example in that teaching by telling a story where he beat little two year old Lydia Mattattall (pictured above) who he had taken from his mother and father to be his own child. He took Lydia to Europe to avoid her return to her father which a court had ordered. Spriggs he beat her until she bore the "brand marks of Yahshua" all over her body. He did this because she refused to give her thumb to him to "cut-off" with a huge pair of scissors. She finally succumbed and presented her thumb to him (to stop the beatings) and then he used this as an object lesson of how Abram was to give up his son as a sacrifice. This is an example of physical and mental torture of a child by your Apostle, prophet and Elijah! And you all act surprised when one of your sheep, "get it wrong and administer the teaching inappropriately and administer spiritual principles without love"????

Below are quotes straight from Spriggs' Execution of Justice Teaching:

“Unless your son has blue wounds, by this standard, you know what kind of a standard is in you — it is the spirit that hates your son. If one is overly concerned about his son receiving blue marks you know that he hates his son and hates the word of God.” No date – Execution of Justice – Page 1

“Tell Hannah that Hephzibah (name Marsha and Spriggs gave Lydia when they took her away from her father and mother) is like Paul and says: “From now on let no one cause me trouble for I bear on my body the brand marks of Yahshua.” They are blue and she is receiving her discipline. She is growing up to be that last generation, being prepared, even in her nervous system, to be in that hour of supreme demand. Love Elbert.”
- Elbert Spriggs, Execution of justice, Page 4

"Hephzibah is coming to understand that she is living for her father and belongs to him. The other day she was having great difficulty being obedient to his command: not to suck her thumb in bed. Elbert asked her to stick out her thumb because he was going to cut it off. He took a huge pair of scissors and came toward her. She was terrified, but (after receiving her discipline) she willingly stuck out her thumb to be cut off rather than let it cause her to stumble in her obedience to her father." - Elbert Spriggs, Execution of justice, Page 4

Example number two of the Leadership not the sheep abusing children:

Eddie Wiseman beat a 13 year old girl for 7 hours. This was a practice the TT started called "scourging" to break the will of a child. The father, Roland Church was forced to watch this take place. The next day, he took his children and left the Twelve Tribes after spending many years there. The following video has the testimony of both Roland and his daughter.

Example number three:

Eddie Wiseman was the Elder of the community where Michael Painter was one of his "Deacons". Eddie told Michael he needed to go support his wife in what she was doing. Michael found out his wife was told to "scourge" their 18 month old baby. She had broken 25 "balloon sticks" on the baby's body and was still beating her to make her "break". This was how Yoneq (Spriggs) and Eddie Wiseman (Yoneq's second in command) were "teaching" even the leaders within the TT to administer this teaching.

So Pilgrum - It is not acceptable to point the finger at your shepherds, members and elders and say, "Many people have received help for trying to apply spiritual principles without love because of the fear of doing wrong and unfortunately they end up doing wrong anyway. One cannot apply spiritual principles without love". In saying this you are throwing these people under the bus and stating your leaders know how to do this right, when it was your leaders, Yoneq and Wiseman that made up these methods of abuse and lead by example on how to administer them. It is Elbert Eugene Spriggs that needs to stand in front of the entire Twelve Tribes and the World and repent for his misguided, self praising warped teachings.


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