Friday, January 18, 2008

Let's Discuss Yoneq's Statements on Race

The Twelve Tribes emphatically state they are not racist and even have people of color living in their communities. However, members of the Twelve Tribes are required to submit to their apostle's (Yoneq) teachings without question. The following excerpts are from Yoneq's inner teaching concerning Race and Slavery. (see main story on my home page). What is your opinion? Are these statements evidence of racism? Use the comment link at the bottom of this post to respond.

"Martin Luther King and others have been inspired by the evil one to have forced equality. Ham is totally delivered in Messiah. If we are prejudiced in any way it is the flesh because the heart, the new heart is never prejudiced. This is essential." - Yoneq

"Submissiveness - If slaves were mistreated because of the civil war, it was because of their unsubmissiveness. Lincoln set slaves free with the Emancipation Proclamation. Was it good or bad that Lincoln set the slaves free? Was the purpose of the civil war good??" - Yoneq

"If the slaves were mistreated, it was the fault of the slave. Even if the master was unreasonable the slave was to bear up under it. This was Ham's discipline. For 4,000 years Israel had slaves. Servant and slave in the Bible is interchangeable. Ham was a servant (slave) to Shem. This is the Word. You can't break the Word. The more men try to liberate Ham the worse he gets. It is more destructive for man to try to redeem himself, changing the social order. The 3 races are to be distinct." - Yoneq

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