Friday, January 18, 2008

Answer to TT Leader's Question

My response to a question asked of me by a current TT member (head of household?) concerning why I choose to openly criticize Yoneq.

It was Yoneq who said "Judge me by my fruit". Yoneq wrote the teachings implying he is the Elijah of the end times. Yoneq started the Twelve Tribes and took the position (and created the doctrine) that the Twelve Tribes is the only church on planet earth that has had the Holy Spirit for the last 1900 years. Yoneq is the one who expects his followers to blindly follow him without question or reasoning because he speaks from God. And now it appears that either his Word from God was not blessed by the Holy Spirit or it needs to be revised because he or the community is hearing a new teaching? (This is concerning beating children until you leave blue marks on their bodies) If you truly believe he has the anointing, then how can this be? The teachings are in black and white and Yoneq says "This is the standard, otherwise you hate your children". People followed that standard because they felt Yoneq was speaking from God. And whenever they are exposed to the outside world, the TT leadership blame the parents as “not understanding” the teaching.

Let's use an analogy that is often popular in the Tribes. An army is made of soldiers who are taught to follow their superior commander's orders. If they do not follow these orders, they and or their peer soldiers may die. Soldiers are to assume, the superior commander has information they can't see and therefore, although a command may seem odd or outright crazy (charge into the enemy front lines) they obey it and put their trust in their commander. Because of this chain of command, an officer who commands his troops to commit an act of crime or otherwise violation of the Geneva Convention is held responsible for the actions taken by his soldiers. The soldiers are reprimanded for their actions, and they have to live with those actions for the rest of their lives but they are not held accountable.

This is why scripture places a higher standard on teachers. This is why, I am so passionate about the fact Yoneq is leading people into the bondage of the law (those laws that he wants to implement) and additions to the law (fanciful ideas he makes up). He is the superior commander in the TT and he is accountable because he believes and teaches he is speaking for God.


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