Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This is a discussion board - So let's discuss

A few questions to get things going:
1. What do you think of the song I dedicated to Yoneq and his not so merry band of elders? Click box to the right to play.
2. So far 22% of those who took the poll say they are considering joining the TT. What attracts you to them?
3. There are a number of concerned family members (44%). What is your situation? Share and we can help you. You don't have to give names.
4. There is at least one person who has indicated they are a current member. What is your story? You are anonymous here so you can be honest. Are you satisfied in the TT or do you have doubts?


Anonymous said...

Garbage in garbage out.

Voice said...

Well there's another third world country heard from. You are welcome and please come and visit again.

Anonymous said...

I dont think its anyones buisness judging the "TT". I think that its strange that poeple spend so much time talking about how horrible the "TT" is. If you dont want to be there then dont go back, I just dont know how much good it does to judge them. Religion in this counrty is so full of propaganda and bull shit. But who am i to judge if someone truly believes that what there doing is right in there own eyes, then let them be happy. For myself i grew up in the "TT" now i am gone but i could really give a rats ass about them. I have moved on and i believe that the "TT" is just like any mondern day religion except they drink mate and dance around as if to be on some sort of drug. But again if they truly believe in what they are doing then i have no right judging them, i am trying to learn to accept people for who they are and what they believe in. I want everyone to be happy and to enjoy their lives.

Voice said...

It is also very interesting that the TT spends so much time and energy judging Christianity as the "Harlot". The TT came out of Christianity and at onetime embraced it before pride overcame their leaders and then infected their followers. It is always easy to believe "we are the only ones" Elijah was rebuked by God for thinking this same thing once. I'm glad to hear you have moved on. I would be interested in talking with you offline via email if you are willing.


hit man said...

Hey yo im an ex member but this is soo exaggerated. Ed wiseman is a really nice guy and does not deserve this shit you made up. In fact I would love to knock your ass out for shit talking. Don't get me wrong I can't stand the group and I hate how they manipulate people but seriously ed doesn't deserve all that. Peace out

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