Monday, January 14, 2008

Yoneq - Man of God, Deceitful Leader or Delusional?

What is your vote? Is Yoneq simply a man of God, a deceitful leader or just plain delusional? Here a few points you may not be aware of:

- Teaching that the TT is the only church with the Holy Spirit
- Teaching that he has a direct line to God
- Teaching that he and his followers will rule galaxies and be like God (in essence, be gods)
- Controlling people's lives to the point of bondage.

Many have said that he is a humble generous man who really believes what he preaches.

His teachings are pure heresy by the standards of the Christian Church. And I know, many of ex-members (not all) no longer (or perhaps didn't prior to joining) value Christian tenants. However, the reason Christians defend their faith against the TT and the reason the TT spends most of its energy in attacking Christianity more than other religions is that the TT is a fundamentally Christian based NT cult. The TT's main outreach and draw is to very sincere Christians who are looking for a way to better serve Christ. I know they reach others and have a draw to those seeking utopia as well. But there is a reason they park their bus outside Billy Graham crusades and Promise Keepers and not the Moonies.

So if Yoneq is deceitful then would it be because he is deceived himself? Many have mentioned how similar the TT's practices and beliefs are to other questionable religious groups. Could that be because they are all deceived by the same spirit? I know, I am in danger of condemning myself to the Lake of Fire for saying such a thing. I have come to believe that is just a scare tactic that Yoneq has instilled in his followers (and in others as well) to get them to stop questioning his authority.

So I really want to know what others think about this.


Anonymous said...

I beleive that he is not only decietful he is also delusional. He has been selling his lies for so long maybe he really does beleive them now. What gets me is he and his followers have been so busy creating several businesses that remain active you can't tell me a profit isn't being made. Not to metion the fact that although none of the members actually collect a paycheck they all file tax returns. Considering how much they criticize the government they certainly seem to have found a way to use the system to their benefit.

Voice said...

How do you know they all file tax returns? Were you in the TT or do you have a family member in?

Anonymous said...

I have family members in. Even the young adults file as soon as they are old enough. My nieces informed me of this. They also get state funded health insurance like MassHealth even if they actually reside in VT, or NH. They use one of their Mass. addresses to apply for themselves and all of their many children. Our tax dollars hard at work. Not to mention getting the "earned income credit" on their tax forms. That always got me, how people who qualify for earned income credit because of low income status and receive a larger return than those of us who don't qualify. Yet another loop hole in the system that the TT has chosen to take advantage of.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the TT. I lived there myself for some time, functioned in their government, and am well aware of their financial situation. I am disgusted with what they (we'd) become on sooooo many levels but the previous posts are NOT true. There is so much wrong with the tribes believe me there is no need to exagerate. it will only remove credibility from the site. i never filed a tax return while a member, nor had any health insurance. I wish i did. It may be true that some who are in need of medical attention DO sign up with the state health care to take advantage of their system. i agree its hypocritical considering their opinions about "the system". The community has a rare status called "an apostolic order"(at least they used to) and what they do is file their taxes as one giant family sort of dividing their income by all the members. this keeps them under the poverty level for each member. Its filled with deceit, to be sure. the tt are making lots of profit off of construction. most of their other industries lose money. One year 15 million was the gross. However Yoneq was buying up buildings faster than they could keep up with and they were still constantly unable to keep up with debts.

Voice said...

Anonymous - Thank you for sharing your opinion. If you would like to share your testimony for inclusion on the site, I would love to publish it. Just email me at I can't control what people say in the comments section. It is why I asked the question about the taxes, I had never heard of that before either.

Anonymous said...

My issue with the twelve tribes is they claim to be enviromentalists in there cafes, but in the community they have no concern about mother earth. They portray themselves falsely by using biodegradeable and enviromentally friendly wastes because they try to attract hippies. They claim to be separate from the world, but it is obvious that they are not because they make money off the people of the world.

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