Sunday, January 13, 2008

Open Posting for All

By popular demand, I have configured this discussion board to allow open commenting without requiring membership etc. If you do not have a Google account then choose the Nickname option and call yourself whatever you want (preferred). You can always use the Anonymous option if you want. I have not figured out a way to allow open posting of a new thread, but will continue to investigate this. If you would like to start a new thread, then leave a comment under this post and I will start it for you. Please be civil but speak your mind. Thanks. Voice.


Anonymous said...

My daughter is very interested, largely because her former "TyQuanDo"? teacher at a Christian School was ignominiously banned from her Church for checking them out(TT).
I have had a couple discussions with one of the more mature male members (does that make him an 'Elder'?) I wish I had a better grasp of the Scriptures proving the Holy Spirit is a distinct Person, part of the Trinity, etc., though I have certainly planted some Seeds of Doubt (Scriptures questioning TT's position)
There has been a bit of controversy over TT buying an old 'Victorian'? house in town, and an old building they are renovating and making into a Cafe'.
My wife and I have both been Very Impressed by the Love we have felt from them, and the perceived genuineness! But when I try to share information on TT from sites like this one, my wife shuts me off in disbelief. And when I mention things like TT belief that the 'Jesus' in Denominational Christianity being a Demon, the TT members at the Gathering (or whatever the nightly meetings are called) responded in disbelief, saying things like, "WE Never said THAT!" (Of course, that is NOT Denying that they TEACH That!!!)
[The former teacher that our daughter is so fond of has been studying TT for over 2 years now, and has his house on the market. I am just PRAYing that I can get the TRUTH to the teacher BEFORE they sell their house! (They have 4 children - 2 under 3 years of age)
Sure do Appreciate your site!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I just want to post an alert. There is a man named Brian Birmingham who considers himself a "cult investigator" and he is very dangerous. He has attended your public meetings. He has been in mental hospitals and was kicked out of the army while in Iraq. I never heard of your group when this man contacted me and asked me to go to your meetings with him and I said no, and in the weeks since then he has sent menacing emails with very personal information and he has libeled and slanderd. You can see his face in a video, in youtube he posts as "zeuszor" and shows video of a tv show where he appeared as a guest against a different group of Christians. You can see his face clearly in the beginning of several of them.

He is dangerous. He confuses his desire to "bust cults" with some kind of leadership thing and he viciously attacks women who rebuff him. He is about 30 and I have had to put up with him posting extreme obscenities all across the internet where I have various art and Catholic videos, and I am 57!

He attacks one group after another, calling them all cults, and he becomes especially vicious to women who he first appeals to as a "victim" character. It took me five minutes to see through him but instead of just disappearing after I blocked his chat attempts, I suddenly became the target of vicious data-stalking, libel, and I'm sure if he were physically present he would be vicious.

Please do not hesitate to get warrants keeping him away from your public events. He has hooked up with some extremely unsavory people and he is obsessive. He might be living in Quincy.

Anonymous said...

oops, I am the same anonymous as above. In glancing over the site I thought it was a Twelve-
Tribe oriented site, not a critic site. That's ok, my alert is still important. This guy Birmingham will try to hook up with other people "fighting cults" because that is how he contacted me, requesting a chat after an open discussion about a different cult.

He works with the notorious "Rick Ross" group that does violent de-progamming kidnappings. Ross does not care what kinds of goons he employs, and he often gives the cults the legal foundation they need to keep a member in hiding because of his violent goons. He actually helps the cults.

Unknown said...

My daughter was found dead at UMass Amherst after I posted these remarks. Birmingham and his friends posted in their "anticult" forum that they knew how to drive people to suicide. They sent obituaries before my daughter died as warnings and they bragged after she died. But because of their connections to the so-called "anticult" movement no real investigation was allowed. UMass did not want to be embarrassed.

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